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Therapeutic fasting - profit for body, mind and soul

There are many possibilities to do something for the health of your body and soul. One of them is therapeutic fasting according to Dr. Buchinger, to which I would like to invite you cordially.

Dr. Buchinger was a pioneer of modern fasting therapy. The fasting method developed by him (at the beginning just to cure himself) is based on a thorough bowel cleansing before and during the fasting process, and fluid intake on a large scale (especially water, but also herbal tea and vegetable broth).

In this way, Dr. Buchinger cured his rheumatic disease, which had been diagnosed as incurable. Following this success, therapeutic fasting by Dr. Buchinger’s method became wide spread. Through strengthening of the immune system during the fasting period, self healing processes will be decisively supported.
Especially chronic deseases can be positively influenced or even cured.

However, healthy people also profit from therapeutic fasting. Fasting has been known for ages as a very effective natural method of losing weight (around three kg per week), and cleaning and detoxicating the body. The body tissue which has been afflicted with sediments, maybe for years, will be relaxed and get the chance to get rid of it. This leads to a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The skin often improves, and the connective tissue will be more tight again. In spite of not consuming any solid nutrients, your personal ability will be optimally mobilized. The body gains power and energy out of the natural depots and does not consume energy for digestive processes.

Besides the positive effects on the body, I also do appreciate the profit for mind and soul during a fasting week. It is a special experience to consciously refuse consuming solid nutrition as well as coffee and spirits, and instead treat oneself to a time of quietness and retreat. Free of the obligations and distractions of the daily round, it is easier to remember essentials and let go of what is unnecessary. I have been fasting regularly since many years.

During and after every fasting week I experience all senses to be strengthened, and enjoy a feeling of inner clearness, emotional balance and increased energy. The experience of this energy contributes to my ability to arrange my life increasingly consciously and clear in harmony of body, soul and mind. I would gladly share my personal experiences with you.