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Treatment methods

Shiatsu week with vegetarian balanced meals

6 days of health care with Shiatsu and Qi-Gong

The offer includes:

Energy is flowing through our body and if the correlation of Yin and Yang is in balance we are healthy and in harmony with ourselves.

What does Shiatsu mean?

Bild: Karina Leitner Shiatsu is an old Japanese healing method. With fingers or palms, a gentle pressure is applied to the body tissue to restore energetic balance. Through this, disturbing, painful blockades, tensions and cramped muscles and body tissue will be released. The body relaxes, blood and lymphatic circulation get better. This helps the oxygen and nutrient supply of all body cells as well as transportation of slag material.

Besides, meridians will be activated. This leads to a harmonic flow of energy, which has a very positive influence on all inner organs. Shiatsu lifts up the general well-being through deep relaxation of body and soul. It strengthens the immune system.
As everyone can experience daily, the general body feeling has a strong influence on our emotional balance and also on the energyflow in our body. On the other hand, stress and emotions do have a strong effect (either supporting, or inhibiting or blocking) on our meridians and therefore also on our physical health. Because of that, active health support and reestablishment of an energetical balance is so important.

The price of € 465,- includes the services listed above as well as the listed separate treatments.
Additional charge for single room € 11,- per night.

In your own interest, I ask you to make an early reservation, because the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 persons.
Fixed weeks/days see schedule.