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Treatment methods

Elisabeth Wiest

Born 1953, licensed Health Practitioner,
independent in my own consulting room since 1996
Licensed nurse with 25 years experience in this profession.

The biggest step, ist the step out of the door. - British proverb

I specialize in the following treatment methods:

Traditional, manual Japanese meridian treatment; Shiatsu, metamorphic method (gentle massage of the specific reflex zone part of the spine which sets deep-reaching processes in motion); gentle spine therapy after Breuß-Dorn; gemstone therapy through an Orgongenerator; advice in flower remedies; holistic consultation on life questions; Radionic analyses and balance; aroma massage, special arrangement of healing gemstones on the body; balance of Chakras, extraction of energetic disorders.

5 years of yoga training by Mrs. Thamm at Munich.
Intensive personal Yoga experience since 1983;
Yoga instructor for public evening classes.
Trained as advisor/consultant for flower remedies with many years of experience.
Trained as Therapist for traditional, manual Japanese meridian treatment by Mrs. von Richthofen at Hamburg (more than 15 years of very positive treatment experience)
Further instructions for Shiatsu, breathing and relaxation techniques, "5 Tibetans", work with "healing sounds"; 4 weeks-seminar and workshops to learn to play the huge Gong and singing bowls in Switzerland with B. Jäger.
Trained in holistic consultation on life questions Radionic training at the Institut MT-Kosmus at Voitsberg/Austria.