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Meditative evening with gong and singing bowls

Relax and enjoy

Lying totally relaxed, you can experience the effect of the sounds on you.
Gong Klangschalen
Many years ago I listened to a gong concert. I was fascinated that I could hear the tones not only – as usual - with my ears, but feel the sonorous power with my whole body. With the attendance of some seminars and workshops with B. Jäger in Switzerland, after some time, I fulfilled my wish to learn the art of playing the gong and singing bowls in a meditative, sensitive way.

The sound spectrum, rich in overtones, of my huge chinese gong ranges from sonorous, dark, mysterious tones to an acoustic firework of bright, light tones full of sparkling energy.

The whole body serves as a hearing organ. In this way, the tones can penetrate deeply into the body tissue and relax it. Some people relax so deeply that they fall asleep in spite of dramatic sound-pictures. The physical and psychical experience is individually different.

Since 1996, I have been working successfully with gong meditation and healing sounds in my consulting room.

I invite you cordially to experience the physically relaxing, but at the same time psychically stimulating effect of gong and singing-bowl-tones during a “sound” evening.

Besides, you can also experience the gong exclusively in an individual sitting after arrangement; or enjoy an individual sound massage with singing bowls directly put on your body and also placed very close around the body, which gives you the feeling of a sound bath.

Arrangement: Elisabeth Wiest, Health Practitioner
Participation fee: € 10,-
Fixed weeks/days see schedule.