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Treatment methods

Description of treatment methods

Elisabeth Wiest, Health Practitioner, Appointments on request

Radionic analysis and balance

Radionik and Color Tuning Radionics belongs in the field of bioresonance therapies. With a special computer program for radionic analysis and some evidence of the patient imbalances and disturbances in the physical and energetic system can be detected and specifically treated. The energetic body (astral body and ether body, the chacras and the aura with all its colours) has a strong influence on the physical, emotional and
mental body of a human being. Therefore it is very important to analyse and balance the energetic side as well.

Through the precise method of this radionic analysis program, blockades or organisation problems as well as over- or underfunctions of the energetic body can be balanced. In this way, problems can be solved from the roots. The physical body with its nervous system, secretion, breathing, and digestive system as well as the skeleton and muscles, tendons and ligaments can also be checked.

Disturbing influences of shocks and negative effects of a person’s environment, parasites, bacteria and viruses can also be traced and balanced. In this way a physical, psychical and energetical balance can be achieved both for healthy and sick people.


Corresponding with the patient’s needs, the computer program traces blocked areas of the body. These areas will be energetically balanced with a specifically chosen colour-tone-combination. This supports the healing process on the physical and emotional level in an optimal way.
The location of the detected blockages/imbalances gives an important hint as to the cause of a patient’s problems.

Holistic life counselling

At some times in our lives, we find ourselves in situations of deep sadness, despair or helplessness. Through a consulting conversation, the point of view can be extended. Backgrounds and deep forgotten causes can be found out. Getting a better overview, and therefore consciousness of our reaction patterns and fundamental imprints in our lives, means a chance of changing to the positive side, and reorganisation is given.

Fundamental imprinting already begins during the embryonic stage, our physical birth and is very strong in the first years of our life. Additionally, we are influenced by mental and behavioral patterns of the culture in which we are brought up. Even the structure of our physical body influences, in a certain way, our perception and behaviour towards ourselves and others.

Body work

This technique helps to find a way to information that is stored in our body, and to reprocess it.
As long as the consciousness for pictures and language in a small child is not developed yet, it has no ability to deal with experiences linguistically. Therefore the body stores this information directly. The same happens with all experiences which the embryo and foetus experiences in the womb of his mother and during his own birth. Sudden influences or actions upon the physical body during one’s whole life are also stored in our body memory if there is not enough time to deal with them linguistically. Thoughts and feelings that have a strong influence on our behaviour but cannot be explained rationally are often memories, which come to the surface from our body memory.

Treatment of meridians

This is a Japanese art which has been practised for thousands of years. Body and soul will be brought into harmony. Vitality and fondness/love of life increase.
Numerous channels of energy supply our body system with energy and enable it to function properly. They run through 26 different keypoints. The energy regulation of our body is often blocked through physical, psychological or mental burdens.
With this gentle treatment by hand, these energetic blockades can be accurately eliminated.

Japanese thumb pressure massage

The effect is deeply relaxing and strengthens the immune system. Cramped muscles and tendons will be released. Meridians will be activated and harmonized. This has a very positive effect on the function of the inner organs.

Head Shiatsu brings bioenergy in face, head and shoulders into motion and is especially appropriate in case of shoulder, neck, and spine complaints as well as headaches. Because of the stimulation of acupressure points it has a face-lifting effect.
Shiatsu treatment of the arms
is indicated for pain in shoulder joints and arms (tennis elbow), pain in mouth and throat, problems with blood circulation and digestive system.
Shiatsu treatment for chest and belly has a very positive effect on asthma, cough, pain in shoulder and upper chest region, allergies and skin diseases. When the belly is treated, the organs - liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen and intestine - benefit the most. (Especially useful to support the cleansing process while fasting.)
Shiatsu for the back is a benefaction for the whole back, strengthens the urinal bladder and genital organs.
Shiatsu treatment of the legs is especially recommended in cases of sleeplessness, exhaustion, stomach complaints, high blood pressure, and pain in the knees and legs.

Breuß – Dorn Treatment

This is a gentle, energetic back massage developed by Mr. Breuß. Physical and mental tenseness will be released. It initiates regeneration of insufficiently supplied vertebral discs. This is the ideal and necessary preparation for the setting of dislocated vertebrae through the method of Mr. Dorn. I learnt this method personally from him.

Aroma massage

These massages with high-quality, fragrant essences bring body, mind and soul into harmony through the aroma and the effect through the skin. The basic oil is cold-pressed, sweet almond oil.
Back massage has a constructive, regenerative effect, and gives relaxation and strength. Life energy and self-esteem are strengthened, and flexibility is brought to the pelvis.
Foot massage: This is a benefaction for the nervous system during emotional stress situations, and the feeling that everything is blocked in the head.
Handmassage: Hands have a special relationship to the brain. Energy blockades are gently and tenderly released, and mental processing is supported.
Whole-body massage includes all the aforementioned parts as well as the face.

Metamorphic method

This is a gentle massage on feet, hands, and on the skull. The massage line follows the reflex zone region of spine and pelvis. The body memory (which one cannot reach intentionally) can be activated, and stored memories can be consciously experienced as pictures, emotions or physical sensations, and worked on. Only so much memory as can be digested penetrates into consciousness.

Individual advice on the subject of flower and energetical remedies

Difficult problems can cause physical or psychological symptoms. The fine radiations of these numerous, different remedies give our souls an impulse and strength to deal consciously with our problems and the dark side of our character. This essences bring blocked life energy to a flow again. They open up a more complete view of situations, and help the person to be more open, resistant and ready to solve conflicts.

Ear candles – Indian treatment for head and ears

This treatment is carried out with original ear candles of the Hopi Indians. Ear candles consist of natural linen, honey extract and beewax. Besides, they contain herbs such as salvia and St. John’s worth. The lightened ear candle (placed in the outer auditory canal) causes a gentle massage of the tympanic membrane and a comforting, releasing feeling especially in the ear-head-region. The warmth stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, intensifies the immune-specific defence system and strengthens lymphatic circulation. Ear acupressure points and the connected body zones are beneficially influenced.

Special arrangement of healing gemstones on the body

In all known high cultures, gemstones were appreciated not only because of their beauty but especially of their healing and harmonizing powers.
These stones grow in millions of years in the innermost part of mother earth. In secluded darkness they go through a process of refinement and purification, until they are discovered by man and brought up to the daylight in their perfect form.
Created out of the elements of our mother planet, they connect us with the protective, strengthening, nourishing energy of earth. In their radiating beauty they are carriers of light in its purest natural colours.
In addition, their crystalline structures include classification principles, which recall us to the cosmic principles and harmonize body and soul.

Gemstone therapy through an Orgon generator

The Orgon generator was developed by Wilhelm Reich in the fifties in the USA. He discovered, that atmospheric, vital energy accumulates in a big case of wood and metal. This energy causes a very positive effekt on the health of a person. In addition, healing gemstones can be placed in specific copper boxes inside the orgon generator. If you enter this protective case, the orgon generator, and stay there for about 30 minutes, the healing energy is able to penetrate gently into your body. Out of my big collection of healing gemstones I can choose the appropriate stones, which serve your individual needs and sufferings.
Because the energy received in this way can only develop its optimal effect when the meridians in the body allow a free flow of energy, I do recommend this therapy only in combination with meridian treatment or radionic testing and balancing.

Sound experience gong

The sound spectrum, rich in overtones, of my huge chinese gong ranges from sonorous, dark, mysterious tones to an acustic firework of bright, light tones full of sparkling energy.
The whole body serves as hearing organ. In this way the tones can penetrate deeply into the body tissue and relax it. Some people relax so deeply that they fall asleep in spite of dramatic sound-pictures. The physical and psychic experience is individually different.

Price p. hour general € 36,-
Aroma massage /hour € 41,-
Ear candles: € 23,-
Radionic analysis/balance € 50,-
Colour tuning with computer program /hour € 50,-

For questions I am gladly at your service. I am looking forward to a good cooperation!