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Treatment methods

Yoga week with traditional, manual Japanese meridian treatment

6 days full of energy with Hatha-Yoga and meridian treatment

Yoga Schulterstand

The intention of my hatha-yoga training is to remind people of a caring relationship with their body, their breathing and their thoughts, and to lead them to a more conscious body perception.
Through different positions of our body (asanas), muscles and joints will be trained evenly, strengthened and kept flexible (or returned to flexibility with more training).
The inner organs will also be invigorated, glands will be stimulated, blood circulation and immune system will be strengthened.

Through yoga breathing (pranayama) the intake of life energy (prana) is stronger and the permanent flow of thoughts and emotions can be calmed down.
Self-esteem and the ability to concentrate will be advanced. The final deep relaxation and meditation is meant to guide everyone a step closer to his true inner self.

The offer includes:

The price of € 465,- includes the services listed above as well as the listed separate treatments.
Additional charge for single room € 11,- per night.

In your own interest, I ask you to make early reservation, because the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 persons.
Fixed weeks/days see schedule.